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Coś o sobie: Specifications:
Voltage: DC 8-48V
Current: 2.8A
Bulb Type : H1 H4 H7 H8/H9/H11 9005/HB3 9006/HB4
Power: 36W each bulb
Color Temperature: 6000K white
Lumens: 3800Lm
Il luminance:3250LUX
Operating Temperature -40 Degrees Celsius-- +105 Degrees Celsius
Quick start;Fast on/off response time
Best cooling effect , Heat pipe Technology
Long working life: 30000 hours
Product Description

Advanced Heat Dissipation:
1. Intelligent Fan
Our brand headlight can according to the LED headlight environment temperature caculated the efficient heat disspation design, The higher the working temperature of the lamp, the faster the fan will turn.
2. Noiseless Fan
Other brands of headlight make a lot of noise while the lights are working拢卢but our brand headlight uses the latest technology to keep the lights in a quiet environment no matter what kind of environment they work in, which bring you a more comfortable driving.
3. High Speed Fan
The maximum speed of the headlight fan can reach 90000rpm, which is more higher then other brand 60000rpm headlight fan.
Two-Way Heat Dissipation Channel:
90000 RPM fan make the air fast conversion cooperate with space turbo technology can keep the bulb workiing under 80 degrees celsius.
Company information:
Guangdong Scenelighting Technology Co. , Ltd was established in 2012(short for Scenelighting), which is engaged in development, production and sales of Automotive Lamps. Our company has 2000 square meters area, more than 100 employees, with 6 productions lines. Products design, mold making, injection molding, metal stamping, assembly, inspection are all finished in our factory, so forcefully to ensure the quality of the products, and to meet the urgent delivery of customers.

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Our Company

Packing & Delivery
In order to protect the goods during transportation, gift box, carton and weaving bag are provided according to your requirement.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging DetailsGiftbox+Carton
N.W:5.5 KG/CTN
Box Size:17.5*11.5*4.5 CM
Ctn Size:53*38*27 CM
Delivery Time5-7days after got payment
For shipping, we will ship your goods according to your need, and the shipping information are as followed:
*Cargo Ship: Shipping by sea is a long-time transportation, and it provides port-to-port service only.
*Express: DHL, Fedex, UPS,TNT are available, and these are considered the fastest way to ship the goods, shipping time is about 4-10 days.

Q: What is an HID light bulb?
A:HID stands for "High Intensity Discharge". These bulbs use an electric arc rather than a glowing filament like a Halogen bulb. HID lights can also be referred to as Xenon bulbs (though not all Xenon bulbs are HID). HID headlamp bulbs do not run on low-voltage DC current like a Halogen, so they require a ballast, which controls current to the bulb, with either an internal or external ignitor. The ignitor is integrated into the bulb in some lighting systems, or is either a separate unit or part of the ballast in other systems, similar to fluorescent bulbs in your home. HID bulbs tend to be much more expensive to replace than a Halogen bulb on a vehicle.
Q:Do you carry bulbs that are brighter than stock bulbs?
A:Yes we do. Check out our bulbs while looking up your vehicle. These cast a brighter, white light that reflects well off the road and allows you to see further in the dark. In most cases, these only use around 35 to 65 watts.That's how much we believe in this product!
Q:Do the headlight assemblies include bulbs?
A: For the most part, no. The stock replacement headlight assemblies are a direct equivalent to what is being taken out of the car. You can reuse your old bulbs and sockets, which should fit right in with no modifications needed. Some of the aftermarket units do use different Halogen bulbs than the stock ones. In those cases we sell the requisite bulb, and really, with the great deal we have on 9006 light bulbs, you can't go wrong with new bulbs that are much better than your stock bulbs.
Contact information:
Guangdong Scenelighting Technology Co.,Ltd
Niki Chou
Wechat: 18064628750C6 Single Light manufacturers

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