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Coś o sobie: Waste Textile Recycling Machine Rag Tearing Machine.
YQ-FN288 YQ-FN150
2、Product Introduction
2.Applicable Material:
This machine is suitable for all kinds of special fiber (all kinds of animal fiber, velvet,etc.), cotton,chemical fiber, glass fiber and and its mixed raw materials.
The machine could opening and carding for various scraps(non-woven scrap, waste yarn, cloth Scraps etc.).(Note:carding waste,by a thrust bar roller feeding)
2.2 Main Features:
①:The feeding roller adopts 1-2 pairs of negative gauge grooved roller,not only can enhance the holding force of fiber, but also reduce the damage of the fiber.It is more suitable for different kinds
of precious special fiber opening,carding,mixing.
②:Using dynamic/static state of aluminum alloy needle plate multi point open new carding mixed
structure.Not only solve the general opening machine carding points less,mixing the shortcomings
of the poor,and overcomes the disadvantages of poor opening effect,can make the material more
fully opening and mixing,and the applicable scope is more extensive.
4、 Product Display
5、 Specifications
Feeding Method:Manual Feeding Machine for Conveying
Working Width:1000mm( Cylinder Width)
Opening Roller Diameter:400mm
Feeding Roller Type:Diameter 70mm/ Groove Roller
Feeding Roller Pressure:The Roller+Spring
Suitable for Fiber Length:1-200mm
Output:25-150kg/h(For wool or cashmere products)
200-300kg/h (For chemical fiber)
PowerMain engine:2.8kw
Weight:600kg(With Packing:700kg)
Opening Roller Speed:930r/min
Feeding Roller Speed:5r/min(Clothes)
15r/min(Chemical Fiber)
6、 Details
6.1 Cylinder---Needle plate type
6.2 Cylinder ---toothed rack type
6.3 Applicable Material:Before and after

6、 Package and delivery
Clothes Recycling Machine suppliers

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