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Coś o sobie: More and more cities update their lighting with the usage of LED light. If you want to control the LED lighting more convenient, DALI dimmable LED driver is your good choice. Using DALI dimmable LED driver, the lighting population will be less and more energy conversation. In addition, DALI dimmable LED driver can control your LED lighting, make the lighting more beautiful and colorful.

Specifications of dimmable LED driver 350ma:
ModelSMT-086-0350CM SMT-060-0500CM SMT-050-0700CM SMT-036-0900CM SMT-035-1050CM
OutputDC Voltage50-80V35-60V20-50V20-36V15-35V
Voltage Accuracy±0.3V
Rated current0~350MA0~500MA0~700MA0~900MA0~1050MA
Rated power28W30W35W32W32.4W
InputVoltage Range100-265VAC
Frequency Range47~63HZ
Power Factor (Typ.)PF≧0.95/220V
Full Load Efficiency(Typ.)>86%(110,220V)>86%(110,220V)>88%(110,220V)>88%(110,220V)>88%(110,220V)
AC Current(Typ.)0.960A(110,220V)1.042A(110,220V)1.031A(110,220V)1.035A(110,220V)1.041A(110,220V)
Leakage current﹤0.35mA/220VAC

Derating Curve of 350ma LED driver:
Load carried in accordance with the load derating curve, according to the ambient temperature derating, in order to extend the service life

Dimming Operation of constant current dimmable LED driver:
Connect DALI signal cable of driver with DALI cable in Control then dim after controller scan and assign address

30W DALI dimmable driver Mechanical Specification
Input Rubber cable H03VV-F 3G 1.0㎡,the green/yellow cable connect with (FG),Brown or Black with AC (L),Blue or Red with AC(N)

Payment of Smarts Electronics DALI constant Current LED Power Supply:
1.Paypal / Western Union for small order
2.T/T for production order

Packing and shipping details about Smarts Electronics’ Dimmable led driver:
After you placing the order, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible if in stock.
The goods will be sent by sir international express or as customers’ requirement.

About Smarts Electronics:
we is a global professional manufacturers. High product quality, reasonable prices, excellent customer service and reliable reputation is our purpose.
we maintain high standards of excellence, the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction!
if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by mail or communication tool, we will reply your email within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays). If there is no response within 24 hours, please check the spam in your email or try to contact us again.
Thank You For Your Business!China DALI Power supply factory

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