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Pytanie  Ciekawa konwersacja

Chciałbym wam udostępnić konwersacje którą miałem kilka miesięcy temu z użytkownikiem 4chan'a, a konkretnie z działem /x/ czyli działem 'specjalizującym' się w paranormalnych zjawiskach.
4chan, jak wielu internetowców wie jest stroną-śmietnikiem. Więc większość rzeczy na ów stronie to najzwyklejsze śmiecie, zwłaszcza na /x/ ciężko znaleźć coś wiarygodnego, jednak odpowiedzi na moje pytania które uzyskałem wydają się oparte na jakimś doświadczeniu i wiedzy, oraz mogłyby pomóc nowicjuszom, i może nawet zaiskrzy dyskusje wśród bardziej doświadczonych forumowiczów.

Niestety, aby zrozumieć pytania i odpowiedzi konieczna jest znajomość języka angielskiego. Jednak możliwe że w wolnym czasie postaram się przetłumaczyć na polski. Z góry także uprzedzam, że ortografia osoby odpowiadającej na moje pytania całkiem razi w oczy, ale łatwo się domyślić o co chodzi.

A więc bez przeciągania, oto są pytania i odpowiedzi:

I know I'm going a little bit offtopic, I'm more of theoritical-occultist-mage type of person, and I want to seek knowledge so then I can begin practice when I'm alone (right now my house is full of people, and it's probably going to stay that way for a long while)
But back to the topic, can the soul die? Like vanish? I know we are all connected consciousness after all, but some people can create consciousness outside our mass-universe consciousness.

hello, you seem smart. was that last sentance a question? i think it is possible to become a conseous soul but what would you do if you attained long term self sustaining self contained conseousness. lets assume you are capible in the first place of maintaining a self identity through lifetimes, whould you waste energy of your essance on "magic" with no gain for yourself to look cool? you would be destroying yourself, you are not calling on a higher power just your own kenetic will. what would it take to maintain yourself, the nessisary extra energy to swim away from already established forces that lay claim to life and death when your body dies and you need to be reborn. what level of tenacity will it take to wrest from the grip of established gods and the flow of the worlds energy. picking off those souls you can tint with your own will, or get to worship you. if you were a god even glutting on excess will from your followers are you not bound to them, having to give of yourself to maintain their fath, loyalty and awe. Even if few and far between displays of power is all it takes. what kind of god would you be? self destroying shade that lasts a few lifetimes and is snuffed out by its own powerlust? or burdaned wretch trying to eek out something big in the very long run?

Also a great answer, I'm happy people are rapidly replying to this thread and my questions. Also, what if Earth gets destroyed? I guess we'll reincarnate on other planet?

thats a problem as far as i can tell life is intrinsic to the nature of a evolution of the soul. conseousness enriches the experiance so much. lets assume a passing commet has life and our dead planet's bits are inhabited by the few counseous souls who have not cannibalized each other. shure you may find generations of flesh to carry you but a soul rased and evolved on one planet is not the ruler of the universe. at best you would be hitching a ride and spending lifetimes trying to reach conseousness. waiting for your comet to land on some earth somewhare where life can become more than just living. so you can pick up where you left off.

Your answers are really helping, I'm glad I discovered this thread.
Also, is there a way to remember your past lives? I'm not talking about meditating, asking your subconsciousness what happened past your lifetimes. I'm asking about remembering every detail of your past life, right after you're born from your new mother's poontang.What do you think about necromancy? Curiosity.

while remembering a past life may give you validation that it happened, i have found out personally that full disclosure of past lives is horrible. you love people you cant tell why,at best you insert yourself into their lives as a friend. passing through lives should be like changing clothes. you shouldnt hold onto yesterdays sock. necromancy is odd what little i have dabbled in its a waste of energy. but if you wanted to try some stuff start easly done. but calling up deeper entitys for the thrill of getting a previously dead bug to spell out your name... meh not usefull. i dunno maybe thats your natural skill set, you dont know till ya give it a try.

I cant stress enough how helpful your answers have been so far, kudos.
I see. What do you think about seeking guidance of other, higher entities? Like, guardian angels or something?

sometimes subtle suggestion is not enough, i feel myself like a grip on either shoulder and a short shake followed by reasonable well thought out guidance is just my level of directness. but maybe guidance is like a shortstaffed office where a memmo gets sent out and not everyone gets it to their inbox, or bothers to read it. i like to belive in purely altruistic beings, but it is hard to belive that if you get a message directly you are just a important cog in a design that needs to work in a certain way or you are important to a entity outside of yourself that would put the effort forth for its own cause. if you have a long term guardian angel first and formost ask it if it is there for itself, or you, or somone else."

I tu kończą się odpowiedzi, miałem ostatnie pytanie na które jednak ów anonim nie mógł odpowiedzieć ponieważ temat został usunięty, a ja nie mogłem niestety utrzymać kontaktu.
disregard GF, acquire gangas
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